The best locations for Team Building in Serbia – EST adventure

There are great opportunities for Team Building in Serbia. The country has many natural beauties and great conditions to organize various activities in nature – trek or via ferrata to the top of the mountain, mountain biking, zip line, kayaking, canyoning or abseiling with alpine rope are just some of the extreme activities. There are also archery, orienteering, outdoor yoga, and many other games that wakes up competitive spirit and where the team strength wins.

Team Building adventures consist of outdoor activities and controlled adrenaline situations.

Take a look in our video how it all looks like live, and in the text below you can find the list of the best locations for team building in Serbia.

Team building in nature

In order to develop closer relationships between colleagues, for people to go out of their offices and out in the fresh air, we suggest some of the most beautiful locations for organizing Team Building in Serbia.

Radoinjsko Lake

Radoinjsko Lake is a part of the national park Uvac and it is located between Zlatibor and Zlatar mountains. After activities, we can organize lunch and music by the lake.

For this location, we recommend a weekend package with one or two nights in a 4* or 5* hotel on Zlatibor.

Garasi Lake

Garasi Lake is located on the Bukulja mountain in the heart of Sumadija, about ten kilometers from the city of Arandjelovac. In this location, we can organize various water and land-based activities. All you need to bring is the willingness to participate in activities and games, we provide everything else.

Stara planina

The best location in Serbia for the Team Building with Zipline, Absail, and Top rope climbing. Lunch at the location of Babin Zub is a special attraction. Our training field is located only 5 minutes’ drive from the 4* hotel “Stara planina”.

Obedska bara

Ideal for a one-day Team Buildings where we can organize as many as 12 different activities. For lunch, we have excellent catering provided by a hunting lodge that operates in the protected area of Obedska bara.


Another idea for a one-day Team Building in Serbia. After we finish with all the activities, in cooperation with the restaurant of the Kabinet brewery we’ll organize lunch with included degustation of their best-tasting craft beers. This location is often chosen by teams that want to have a good time with live music.

Some other popular locations for Team Building in Serbia

Our clients often switch their working space with fresh mountain air and green slopes of Zlatibor, Kopaonik, or Tara mountains, as well as Sokobanja or Vrnajcka Banja.

Water activities are a great way for many people to master some new skills and have fun in the process. It’s always nice to visit Srebrno Lake or Borsko Lake, or river Drina with accommodation in an ethno village.

One-day Team Building in the city

In order to bring some new, revitalizing energy to your team, you don’t have to travel far. Team Building can also be organized in your city or its close surroundings.

How to choose the best locations for Team Buildings in Serbia?

When choosing a location you should think about:


  • Number of participants
  • Number of days
  • Time you are willing to spend traveling
  • Activities you would like to have
  • Previous Team Building
  • Accommodation and service on the location
  • Budget


Good teams are made up of people who respect each other, cooperate, creatively resolve conflicts, step in when needed, and step aside when needed to. The good news is that all this, and most of all, great teamwork can be learned and improved!

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