Outdoor Team Building

Build your team outside your office combining our love for adventure sports and our carefully crafted teambuilding programs.
We strive for:


We combine proven team building techniques with adventure sports to create unforgettable experiences


Our team consists of licensed experts & professionals. Allowing us to provide quality without compromise.


We plan, test, and constantly learn from our many years of team building practice. Every team building is unique.


We use attested equipment and apply rigorous security procedures to provide a safe & secure experience.

Why here?

The Balkans are brimming with myriad hidden natural wonders and incredible landscapes. Rekindle your senses and revitalize your inner being by climbing mountains, exploring primeval canyons, kayaking on Europe’s most pristine waters or simply by enjoying in the delicious, traditional local cuisine.

Your employees will have the opportunity to awaken their competitive spirit through controlled adrenaline scenarios, but also realize the necessities of teamwork. Our team, comprised of licensed professional mountain, kayaking, canyoning, mountain bike and trek guides, is here to provide you with an impeccable service based on many years of experience acquired on expeditions all around the world.

Why Team Building?

Teams who truly work ‘’as a team’’ are rare. Good teams are not made up of people who are necessarily in good standing with one another, who avoid conflict or who simply stick to their own work. Instead, a good team includes people who respect one another, who creatively resolve their issues, who jump in when necessary and know when to back down.

Luckily, teamwork can be learned; our programs are rooted in many years of professional experience in communication and negotiation skills and strategic organizational development. Combining adventure sports and team building know-how we aim to strengthen the motivation and communication capabilities within our clients, as well as practice quick and efficient decision-making.

See It In Action

Combining adventure sports and teambuilding know-how we aim to strengthen the
communication of your office team, as well as create unforgettable experiences.
You can check it in action here:
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Outdoor activites

Check all the activities we offer to create a perfect match
for your future outdoor team building.
Hiking across the mountains of Serbia

Return to nature brings instant relaxation and recuperates lost energy. Every trek comes easier in a team because we support each other.

A proper adrenaline-fueled activity

Descent through the most attractive canyons in the Balkan region.

Lots of secured challenges

Climbing a natural rock formation is a challenging task for anyone. Still, if you are safely secured and under our supervision, you can push your limits.

Explore rivers and lakes with SUP

Together, we practice our SUP balance and paddle on the rivers and lakes of Serbia.

Walk on the line

Practice balancing while trying to get across to the other side. Learn to gain trust in your colleagues as they help you along.

Cycling off the usual roads

For all off-road enthusiasts, this can be the perfect adventure for you.

Learn a new skill and explore rivers

Get to know the ins and outs of rivers and lakes of Serbia while kayaking.

Get off that cliff, already

Overcome your fears and show yourself that you can do anything. Going down a cliff using only a rope seems impossible, but with the help of our experienced instructors, new skills are easily acquired.

Unforgettable rafting

On the most attractive rivers and canyons in the region, we take you on a rafting trip that you will remember for a long time.

Turn into Robin Hood

Practice patience with Olympic bows and targets and try yourself in Robin Hood’s favorite activity of choice.

What a beautiful view of the canyon from heeere

In a completely natural environment, we’ll set up a zip line offering an unforgettable ride and an unparalleled view. Everything is possible.

Dance against stress

We enjoy moving freely in nature, and through dance, we forget about the everyday grind and built-up stress.

Compass is mandatory

Together with your team, find all the checkpoints, and solve all the tasks. A competitive spirit is vital for achieving great goals.

More than flexibility

Have you tried yoga on a meadow alongside birds chirping?

Through play to a better team spirit

The team leader directs the work of team members. Follow his directions to reach the team goal. Help your team members.

Find the right ingredients

Go on a search party where the necessary ingredients for a tasty lunch are hidden at various points. Together with a professional chef, learn how to prepare an unforgettable meal in nature.

Follow the iron trail

Safe and secure, conquer the most challenging climbs using an old and proven alpine technique. With an iron will strive to your goal.

Solve tasks on a shooting range

The goal is not for teams to shoot at each other, but to solve tasks on the range. By collecting points, in the end, the best operating team wins.

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