Aconcagua Expedition


Expeditions and survival missions in nature are by definition: “The correct use of all the available resources in nature in order to preserve health and personal safety in extreme conditions and to achieve a certain goal.” Anyone who has had a direct contact with wild nature at least once would tell you that these expeditions are much more than what they seem to be.

Adrenaline-boosted expeditions in nature will allow you to experience the authentic raw environment without any embellishment. A particular excitement is caused by overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles using personal strength, mountaineering equipment, personal skills and a strong will.

Expeditions to the highest mountains of the world are the most direct encounter with yourself, with your personal capacities and your own nature. They are a physical and a mental challenge for brave explorers and for anyone who wants to become one.

With a reliable leadership of experienced and licensed guides, the EST Adventure Expedition team will introduce you to the nature from another perspective, help you overcome personal boundaries and win the highest peaks of the world. For all the lovers of active travel and adventure holidays, these expeditions are a real treat.

Choose an expedition to your liking

Expeditions are an ideal way to challenge your limits. Our offers are designed to allow everyone who wants to get to know the nature and the world’s most famous mountain massifs to find something for themselves. The degrees of difficulty vary from a tour for beginners to those tours created especially for the most persistent and brave ones.

And even if you want something that is not consisted in our offer, we can help you realize your private dream expedition. You just need to form a group of minimum 6 members and to tell us where and in which period you would like to travel. We can promise you an adrenaline adventure you will remember forever.