Venezuela – The Lost World

Trekking in the Roraima Mountains, Canaima, Angel Falls and the Orinoco Delta

Journey into a land that time has forgotten and conquer the pre-Cambrian tabletop summit of Mount Roraima. This stunning mountain is sacred to the region’s indigenous people and is said to have inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work – ‘The Lost World’. Take time to explore the unique flora and fauna—some of which is completely unique to the mountain. The trek itself takes six days from start to finish, but this 2-week adventure also includes canoe trips in Canaima National Park and a thrilling trek to Angel Falls. If you’re fit and want to go off the beaten track, this adventure will take you to new heights. Remote trekking on the extraordinary mountain of Roraima, a river camping expedition to Angel Falls, the Orinoco Delta and experiencing the culture of one of South America’s most diverse countries, all in just one journey! The name Venezuela, meaning “Little Venice”, may be due to the Palafitos (stilt houses), which reminded Amerigo Vespucci of Venice when he explored Lake Maracaibo. If Roraima is a “Paradise for the Geologist” in our tour, then the Orinoco delta is a “Paradise for the Biologist”, because of the amazing wealth of flora and fauna that can be observed in this wonderful place.

During the trek in the Orinoco Delta we will visit Warao Indian villages. These villages are interesting because of the inhabitants’ way of life, and because of the “Palafitos”. A Palafito is on stilts, a dwelling erected on bodies of water. We will also have the chance to learn about the local trees and fruits, and handicrafts made out of the Moriche Palm. Moriche is a very important tree for the Warao Indians, because from it they are able to eat, drink, dress and sleep. The Moriche Palm Hammock is an iconic example of that. Before sunset, we will navigate to an isle called “Isla de Aves”, where we can watch thousands of different types of birds returning to their shelter on the isle.



Caracas – Ciudad Bolívar Puerto Ordaz

Our guide will receive you at the International Airport. After a Briefing we will take a national flight to Ciudad Bolívar (CBL) or to Puerto Ordaz (PZO). When it is in Puerto Ordaz, there´ll be a transfer to Ciudad Bolívar where we overnight.

Flight Time (CCS-CBL): 56 mins.


Ciudad Bolìvar –Canaima (Full Day)– Ciudad Bolìvar

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we must take a flight in Cessna or in Jet Stream to Canaima Airport (CAJ). During the flight we will see the interesting landscapes of the Guayana topography. We can appreciate the lake of the Guri Dam, the most important Hydroelectrical source in Venezuela; the astonishing green carpet of the jungle till we finally watch the mystic Table Mountains, we call Tepuys. During the flight, if the weather allow us, we´ll fly through the Cañón del Diablo (Devil´s Canyon), where we will face the Highest Waterfall in the World: The Angel Falls, with 978m. Afterwards we land in Canaima airstrip. We will be received by our local guides who will lead us to the Lagune of Canaima, and we will have the chance to navigate just in front of the amazing waterfalls, and to walk behind the shinning water-curtains of Sapo Falls. After Lunch, we will flight back to Ciudad Bolívar where we overnight.

Flight Time(CBL-CAJ): 90 mins.


Ciudad Bolívar – Km 88

Departure by car, (4WD) from Ciudad Bolívar to Km88. During our travel we will pass through different towns where will make different stop to strecht our legs and relax. Till we arrive to a posada (guest house) in the mining town called Kilometre Eighty-eight.

Trip by Car Duration: 7 hrs.


Km 88 – Paraitepuy

We leave Km88. Our first stop will be in Piedra de la Virgen (Stone of the Virgin): a sightseen point where we can watch the figure of a virgin on a big rock. We pass through a rain forest system we denominate Sierra de Lema. After this jungle we appreciate the difference between this system and the Savannah. There, we will be at 1800 m.a.s.l, just the entrance gate to La Gran Sabana. Along our way we´ll make different stops in order to take a swim in the rivers. In the afternoon we arrive to San Francisco de Yuruani, and therefore to Pataitepuy, where we start to arrangeeverything  for our trekking. Overnight in Paraitepuy.

Trip by Car Duration: 5 hrs.Height in Paraitepuy: 1200m


Paraitepuy – Kukenán

After breakfast, we weight our things and leave the stuff we won´t need along our trek. It is always advisable to carry up to 9 or 11 kilos maximum per person. Things we may need, but it is too heavy for us, can be carried by our indian porters. Our march will be for about 5 hours up to Kukenán River where we spend the night in tents.

Time marching: 4-5 hrs. Overnight at: 1050m


Kukenán – Base Camp.

This day we start our march leaving theKukenánriver behind and watching ahead the magnificent view of La Gran Sabana, only interrupted by the two precambriam Colossus; Kukenán Tepuy and Roraima Tepuy. Our lunch will be on the way. We will experiment the changes of temperature due to the heights as we will appreciate the interesting endemical flora of this area. Arrival to the Base Camp (La Base). Overnight in tents.

Time marching: 8-9 hrs. Overnight height: 1900m


Base Camp – Hotel

At dawn, after a powerful breakfast, we get ready to keep on marching along a path of almost 50° of inclinationcharacterized with endemical vegetation, moisture and rocks of all size and streams made by little cascade due to the never-ending rain and moisture from the summit of the tepuy. This path is called “La Rampa”. Once we have arrived at the top of this path, we will walk one hour more among strange rock formations up to a kind of caves which wind erosion has created and serve us as shelter against the elements. This caves are called “Hotels” and in these “Hotels” we will spend the night.

Marching Time: 6 hrs. Overnight Heights: 2700m. Average Temp: 16 °C.


Hotel – Hotel

We start this day leaving in camp all our stuff and taking only what necessary for today´s trip. This day we will make a trekking tour on “The Lost World” as Sir Arthur Connan Doyle tittled his book.This tour will be divided into two parts: In the morning we´ll visit the “Crystal Valley”, “Cathedral Waterfall”, “The Abyss”,  “The Window”, finishing this first part,  jumping and swimming in the “Jacuzzi”, a very cold water natural swimming pool. Lunch during the tour or in the “Hotel”.  In the afternoon, the second part of this tour, we keep on trekking till we arrive to a cave called “Cristal Eyes”. Discovered in 2005 by Czech explorers. There we make some speleology and we will learn about its geology, the crystals in there and a strange stone formation, called Biospeleothemes. Some scientists say it is a kind of bio-mineral life came thousand million years from outer space. Afterwards, we climb up a big rock formation, till we arrive to the top of Roraima Tepuy: the “Maverick” with is 2810m. It is called Maverick, because it looks like that car seen from far away. At the end of this day, we comeback to our camp the “The Hotel”. A very earned dinner and overnight.

Marching Time: 8-9 hrs. Overnight Heights: 2600m. Average Temp: 16-20 °C.


Hotel – Tek River

We start our going-back march. Taking all our things on, we start to leave a wonderful place, full with precambrian magic and mysticism, the highest Tepuy in the World. Our march down will be for about 4 hours up to the Basis Camp. Lunch will be on the way. Keeping on walking till we arrive to Kukenán river, where we will have to cross it over. Afterwards, we walk for about 40 minutes more up to the Tek river, where we overnight. Tek river camping site is a special place to spend the night, because ithas, most of the time, amazing view from the Kukenán and Roraima Tepuy at dawn.

Marching Time: 8-9 hrs. Overnight Heights: 1050m.

DAY 10

Tek River – Km 88

This day we walk our way back to Paraitepuy. There, our friends will be waiting for us with the 4WD car, in order to take us to the mining town “Kilometre Eighty-eight” (Km 88). Having time to take a shower and to have lunch, we take our last photographs of this majestic place that will always be in our memories and our hearts.

Marching Time: 4 hrs. Trip by car: 5 hrs.

DAY 11

Km 88 – Delta del Orinoco

Early in the morning, departure by car, (4WD) from Km88 to Boca de UracoaorSan José de BujasinDelta de Orinoco. During our travel we will cross the largest river in Venezuela, the “Orinoco” river, by Ferry Boats; lunch on the way. We will go through Temblador, a small oil workers town where we´ll have the chance to buy some fresh fruit for our trip in the Orinoco Delta. Once we arrive to Boca de Uracoa or San José de Bujas, our local guides we´ll receive us and take us by boat along the “caños” (river arms) to our camp. What Roraima was in our tour a “Paradise for Geologist”, Delta will be a “Paradise for Biologist”, because it is amazing the amount of flora and fauna that we can watch in this wonderful place. Welcome toast, dinner and overnight in Beds.

Trip by Car Duration: 5-6 hrs. / Duration by Boat: 1 hr.

DAY 12

Delta del Orinoco – Delta del Orinoco

After breakfast, we start our expedition in Delta; we will visit the Warao Indian villages. This villages are interested because of the way of living from the people and because of the “Palafitos”.A Palafito is a stilt or dwelling erected on bodies of water. The name of Venezuela, meaning “Little Venice” may be due to these Palafitos, which reminded Amerigo Vespucci of when he explored Lake Maracaibo. Also we will have the chance to learn about the trees and fruits, the Handicrafts made by Moriche Palm. Moriche is a very important tree for the WaraoIndians, because from it they can eat, drink, dress and sleep: The Moriche Palm Hammock is an iconic example of that. Before the sunset, we will navigate to an isle called “Isla de Aves”, where we can watch thousands of different samples of birds returning to their shelter in the isle. Special attention to the Ivis Scarlata and toucans. We arrive to our Camp late in the afternoon. Overnight in hammock.

DAY 13

Delta del Orinoco – Delta del Orinoco

We must start this day with our “Wellington Boots” or rubber boots, because we´ll make a jungle trip this day. Going by boat we will enter at the deep of the jungle, characterized by been most of the time flooded. Our local Indian guide we´ll open path with a Machete and will show us about the utility of the trees in the jungle. Trees like Temiche (Mannicaria saccifera),usefulfor its liana and tiny coconut water; Caña La India (Canna Indica); Moriche(Mauritia Flexuosa), from where the Indians eat its fruits, use the fiber to make hammocks, baskets, and the “Moriche Worm”(Ruyncophora palmarum), and many other useful plants. After this Jungle Trip we go navigating to river “Morichal Largo” and we´ll try a luck by fishing, may be a Piranha. We arrive to our Camp late in the afternoon.

DAY 14

Delta del Orinoco – Caracas (Full Day Optional)

Very early in the morning, we must go back by boat up to Boca de Uracoa or San José de Bujas in order to get to the National Airport of Maturin (MUN) where we take a plane back to Maiquetía Airport. Once we arrive in our Hotel and if we´ve got plenty of time, we can make an optional City Tour in the vibrating and contrasting Capital of Venezuela, Caracas. Visiting Plaza Bolívar and surrounding historical places like: Birth House of Simón Bolívar, our Liberator; The National Assembly Palace; Plaza El Venezolano and other interesting places in the city. In the afternoon, a farewell dinner and overnight at Hotel.

DAY 15

Caracas - Europe

Departure day. Transfer to airport.

Dates & Prices

November 15th, 2019
Spots available: 4 1880 €, Per Person
November 29th, 2019
Spots available: 8 1880 €, Per Person


What’s included in the price?
To maximize convenience, we include as much as possible, so you can just relax and think about hiking. Here’s what’s included:

  • Specialized local guides. (Spanish-English-French-German):
  • Specialized personnel during Roraima Trekking.
  • Professional guide during the trek
  • 14 Overnights. ( 8 in beds), (5 in tents), (1 Hammocks)
  • All meals (Every meal includes a  non-alcoholic drink)
  • 4 National Flights. MIQ-CBL; CBL-CAJ; CAJ-CBL; MUN-MIQ.
  • Airport tax
  • Entrance to National Parks
  • Transportation: Air DC-9, Cessna or Jet Stream; Ground 4WD; River: Canoe with motor.
  • Tents


What does not included in the price?

  • Flights to/from Caracas
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic Drinks.
  • Tips

You will need to cover flights; insurance and extra spend. You’ll need to book your flights to and from Caracas, travel insurance and cover other personal expenses (etc. drinks, souvenirs…).

What’s the hike like?
The hike is moderate. During Roraima trek you will have daily hike, that last 4 to 5 hours, across open savannah, with easy pace. You will walk on mountain trail. It is safe and solid. It can be rainy and cloudy because it is tropical area. Second day you set off for another 6 hour hike.  Third day you will climb to the Roraima summit on 2700m, which takes about 90 minutes. Fourth day, after breakfast you spend around 8 hours exploring the summit, hiking to the valley of crystals; the Triple Point obelisk marking the border between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil; and to the El Pozo waterhole and cave system.

What’s the city tour like?

All-day city tour is organized with our guide and transportation. We will see the most important cultural and historical monuments in Caracas.

What skills/experience/fitness do I need?

You need moderate level fitness level. The previous hiking experience at altitudes up to 3000 above sea level is not mandatory. Your guide will give you full instructions and a safety briefing at the start.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Sport (Tennis) Shoes.
  • Thick Socks.
  • Comfortable (light) clothes: Long or/and short pants, shirts, etc.
  • A cap or a hat to protect against the sun.
  • Poncho or rain jacket.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Sun cream SPF 30 or higher.
  • Towels.
  • Other personal things.
  • Trekking Sandals.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Canteen (or a bottle to drink water)
  • Clothing or jacket to keep warm.
  • Torch (flashlight).
  • Forehead flashlight.

What are the guides like?
All the activities on this trip will be led in English by qualified and licensed UIAA guide.

What’s the food like?
All food is local and is freshly cooked meals. These include domestic cheese, meat specialties, fish, local fruit, fresh fruit and vegetable. We can organize your meal in the way you like. The drinks are not included.

Can my dietary requirements be catered to?
Absolutely. Just let us know when you fill in your travel documents.

When can I go on this trip?
Book on to our pre-set dates above. If you are considering alternative dates, the perfect time for this adventure is between December and  April, but actually you can visit Roraima mountains any time during a year.

What’s the weather like?
Dry season between December and April are the best periods to visit this region. The average temperature in Roraima is between  is 17 and 28 degrees Celsius. The tepuy’s steep sides, surrounding rainforest, and altitude at summit create a unique climatic environment that is most notable for its changeability. Moist air rising off the surrounding rainforest in the tropical heat creates heavy rain clouds that billow up and across the summit of Roraima causing frequent showers and downpours. Due to the altitude, nights on the summit are cool. You may find yourself having to ascend or descend the path up the cliff in heavy rain in which case there will be torrents of water rushing down the track and waterfalls in the upper areas that will hit you like a fire hose. You may also need to wait at river crossings until the river level goes down. Your guide will help you.

Which flights should I book?
You should book flights to Caracas airport (Venezuela capital).

How do I meet the transfer?
At your arrival, the transfer will be holding a sign with the name of the tour. We’ll give you all extra details before travelling.

How big will the group be?
This trip will run with a minimum of 6 people, and a maximum of 15. Please note, if there are not 6 people booked the trip may be rearranged or cancelled. Please contact us for confirmation before booking your flights, or book with a credit card.

Can I customize the trip?
Of course! For private groups of six or more the trip can run on any days you wish, be extended or changed to suit your needs. Enquire now for a private trip.