North Road Adventure tour

Take a adventurous ride through canyons, MTB downhills and visit long forgotten cities, all in just 7 days.

A north road adventure trip inspired with history and nature. Made perfect for adventurers interested in the history behind the places they visit. Mix of several activities and learning about ancient past along the way.

Start at Mavrovo national park, untouched nature and hike paths galore, which we’ll explore. In the evening Macedonian specialties accompanied with their traditional folklore music. Next day moving to Matka canyon, gorgeous just to look at, but we’ll experience it as it should – on water, paddling with our kayaks.

Moving up north, we’ll visit the town of Nis. Place riddled with ancient Roman history and scars from Ottoman empire. Mixing that with a MTB downhill ride from the peak Babin zub(Grandma’s tooth). After, moving on to several archaeological sites and historical fortresses, we’ll visit a site dating from the Mesolithic period, and hike to Golubac, with its XIV fortress. Finally, a brief visit to Smederevo fortress, the final bastion of resistance to the Ottoman empire. Finishing it off with a guided tour of Serbia’s capital – Belgrade.

To sum it all up, traversing across north road for 600 km and several thousand years of history and unspoiled nature will make this adventure unforgettable.


Day 1

Sunday: Arrival & walking tour of Ohrid

  • Arrival at Ohrid airport
  • Walking tour of Ohrid old town and Samuilo’s fortress
  • Overnight stay

After arriving and our warm welcome, we head to your accommodation for a late check in and dinner. After settling in, we’ll take a light, walking tour, exploring this little town on the lake with its many old, houses and little, narrow streets. And to finish it on a high note, a light hike to Samuilo’s fortress, castle that overlooks and watches this charming town.

After, some free time for a drink or two, just to get to know each other a little bit better. Stroll to our accommodation for a good night sleep, for the adventure that awaits us.

Day 2

Monday: Trekking in Mavrovo national park

  • Transfer to Mavrovo National park (2h)
  • Trekking through the National park
  • Traditional Macedonian dinner with traditional folklore music
  • Overnight stay

In the morning we pack our bags and head to National park Mavrovo, place with unspoiled nature and gorgeous hiking trails. Here, we’ll take a hike to see everything by foot, taking one of numerous trails that takes us around the park.

After we’ll have lunch, in one of many traditional restaurants there and have an afternoon off, to rest and enjoy nature.

By nightfall, we head on to an organized traditional Macedonian dinner, filled with their cuisine alongside a performed show of their own folklore music. We rest for tomorrow.

Day 3

Tuesday: Kayaking through Matka canyon

  • Transfer to city of Skopje (2h)
  • Guided city tour of Skopje
  • Transfer to canyon Matka (1h)
  • Kayaking through the canyon
  • Macedonian wine degustation
  • Overnight stay

After breakfast it is time to head to our next location and country – Skopje in Macedonia. There, a city completely renovated in honor of Alexander the Great, we’ll take a guided city tour and get to know the history and hardships of the people in this city.

Finishing, we’ll sit for lunch and take a time off to rest and enjoy ourselves. Later, we head on to our adventure of the day – Matka canyon. Taking a short drive, we’ll arrive just in time to choose between two possibilities – Rafting or kayaking? Whatever we choose, it will take us on a fun adventure.

In the evening, alongside dinner, we’ll have a wine degustation of many famous wines from this region. A perfect end to a perfect day. After we rest for tomorrow’s day.

Day 4

Wednesday: Guided tour of Nis

  • Transfer to city of Nis (2,5h)
  • Guided city tour of Nis
  • Transfer to Old Mountain (1h)
  • Ride to Babin Zub peak
  • Overnight stay

Rising early, we pack and head on to city of Nis. There we’ll take a guided tour of the city’s most famous sites. Filled with historical facts and prominent figures dating from the Roman times, to the Middle ages, it has something interesting for everybody. After, we have lunch, and proceed to Old Mountain.

After settling in, we take a short gondola ride to peak called Babin Zub (Grandma’s tooth), named because it is shaped like one.

We enjoy the nature and stunning view surrounding us. After, tired and happy, we head on to our accommodation for a well-deserved dinner and a good night rest.

Day 5

Thursday: MTB downhill ride

  • MTB downhill ride
  • Visit ancient Roman complex of temples and palaces – Felix Romuliana
  • Transfer to Kladovo (2h)
  • Overnight stay

Today, we’ll take on an MTB downhill ride from the Babin Zub peak, all the way down to Temska, a little town near the base of the mountain. Under the watchful eye of your guide, we’ll make sure that the good times are ahead of us.

After our lunch, we head on to Kladovo, stopping at a UNESCO World Heritage site, place built by Roman emperor Galerius as his resting place with a shrine dedicated to his mother.

In the evening we arrive at Kladovo, just in time for dinner and well-deserved rest.

Day 6

Friday: History tour alongside Eastern Serbia

  • Transfer to Belgrade (4-5h)
  • Sightseeing of several historical sites along the way
  • Overnight stay

We start our second-last day after breakfast, of course, heading in the direction of Belgrade, capital city. Along the way will stop on many famous landmarks that shaped the history of this whole region – Lepenski vir, an archeological site dating from the Mesolithic, Golubac fortress (built in XIV century) and Smederevo fortress (dating from XV century).

We’ll stop in Golubac during our trip, for lunch, while enjoy the scenery of the Serbia’s biggest river – Danube.

In the afternoon hours we arrive at our destination, just in time to unwind, enjoy the hotel amenities and rest for our next day. You can use this free time to for a quick stroll around the city center for some gift shopping.

Day 7

Saturday: Tour of Belgrade

  • Transfer to capital city of Belgrade
  • Guided city tour of Belgrade w/Avala hill
  • Transfer to Belgrade airport

After breakfast, we head on for a warm welcome into our capital city, were we’ll first transfer you to the hotel to leave your stuff and freshen up, and then take you on a guided tour of cities most famous sites.

On top of that, you’ll visit Avala hill, a highest point in Belgrade with it’s interesting stories of being a sacred ground many centuries ago.

We return to our accommodation for lunch. Then your transport will pick you up in front of your hotel and drive you to the airport to catch your flight home.


Note: This itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, weather conditions, and forecasts, special events, etc.

Dates & Prices

June 2nd, 2019
Spots available: 16 985 €, Per Person
September 1st, 2019
Spots available: 16 985 €, Per Person

Price includes?

To maximize your convenience, we include as much as possible, so you can just relax and enjoy our tour. Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 nights of accommodation in private cabins and/or 3-star hotel rooms (based on sharing a twin or double room)
  • 1-day MTB downhill ride
  • 1-day Matka canyon kayaking
  • Guided tours of several ancient complexes and localities (Felix Romuliana, Lepenski Vir)
  • Guided city tour of several cities (Ohrid, Skopje, Nis and Belgrade)
  • Professional, local, English-speaking guide
  • All activity/local transfers
  • Airport Transfers
  • All breakfast, dinner and packed lunches (depending on the activity)
  • Tourist taxes


What extra costs are there?

The following are not included in the tour price:

  • Additional charge for a single room
  • Flights to Ohrid/from Belgrade
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Personal expenses

What skills/experience/fitness do I need?
A reasonable level of fitness is required for hiking, approx. ascending 700 m at a relaxed pace.  You will need to be able to handle 4 – 6 hours of hiking in continuous pace for this adventure. But don’t worry, your guide will be with you at all times and help you if needed, to complete your adventure securely and safely.

What do I need to bring with me?

For your trip, we recommend you bring:

  • Hiking trousers
  • Hiking shoes
  • Wind stopper/jacket
  • Breathable, quick-drying, sport clothes
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun block SPF 30 min)
  • Warm layers for evenings
  • Backpack (30L minimum)
  • Shorts
  • Energy/protein bars

What are the guides like?
All the activities on this trip will be led in English by qualified and professional local guides, with UIAA licenses.

What’s the food like?
The food is local, fresh, home-cooked and hearty. Common food items include domestic cheeses and other dairy products, dry meats, fish, freshly baked bread and pastries, and local fruits and veggies.

Can my dietary requirements be catered to?
Absolutely. Just let us know when you fill in your travel documents.

What kit is provided?

All technical equipment will be provided.

What’s the weather like?
Summer is the best season to experience Macedonia and Serbia, where daytime temperatures range from 24 – 30 °C. However, at night it can get cooler, especially as we go to a higher altitude, so don’t forget to still bring some layers of clothing to keep you warm!

What flights should I book?

Start point?
You will be met at the Ohrid airport on Saturday. Your transfer will meet all flights scheduled to land by 19:10 or earlier. Your host will be in touch before the trip to finalize all details.

Finish point?
Your tour will end at Belgrade airport on Sunday. You are free to book any flight that departs after 18:00.

Getting there and away?
Ohrid and Belgrade Airport are served by regular, low cost flights, including Wizz Air as the cheapest solution. You can get any flights that suit you, but make sure they fit the times above to take advantage of the included transfers. We will contact you before you leave to check your arrival and departure plans.

How do I meet the transfer?
At your arrival, the transfer will be holding a sign with the name of the tour. We’ll give you all extra details before travelling.

How big will the group be?
This trip will run with a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum of 16. Please note, if there are not 2 people booked the trip may be rearranged or cancelled. Please contact us for confirmation before booking your flights, or book with a credit card.